Top quality apartments still available for purchase - part of The Vineyards Resort. Located on the hill overlooking the resort and offering stunning panoramic views of the Black Sea, Pomorie, Sunny Beach, and Nessebar. The complex features a magnificent restaurant with a panoramic terrace, an infinity pool, 70 apartments, 3 villas, a large parking lot, and many gardens and relaxation areas. The location of the complex on a hill allows residents and guests to enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding area and the sea. The various amenities and facilities offered by the complex make it an attractive and comfortable place to stay for vacationers and residents alike.


1. The Vineyards SPA Hotel
Business Centre
VIP Property Lounge
The Vineyards Spa
2. The Vineyards Apartments 
3. The Vineyards Villas
4. The Vineyards Panorama Apartments 
5. The Vineyards Panorama VIP Villas 


6. Large Swimming Pool
7. VIP Swimming Pool
8. Small Swimming Pool
9. Children’s Swimming Pool
10. Infinity Swimming Pool


11. Restaurant The Garden
12. BBQ Restaurant Central
13. Restaurant Panorama
14. Pool Bar


15. The Vineyards Resort Park
16. Caves
17. Car Parking Area


18. Central Building
Fun Activity Lounge
Shopping Street
Kids Only Play Room
19. Football Facilities
20. Tennis Court